MB Entertainment Business Group is a multimedia entertainment company supported by a solid technological structure. Initially founded in 1997 as a traditional record label, it quickly expanded its business by developing -in addition to an extensive music catalog in multiple physical formats- specific business units aimed at offering high-quality audiovisual content worldwide.
To consolidate its leadership, MB has brought together a group of international professionals with experience in the areas of data science, data analytics, UX and UI design, graphic design, innovative media, marketing, branding, logistics, distribution and licensing.



Since its inception in 1997, the record label MUSIC BROKERS, has specialized in the re-release of popular music in a variety of genres at budget prices. However, it quickly expanded to new and innovative ideas. Among them, The Many Faces was a concept that the company developed based on the traditional "musical family tree" and turn it into a musical phenomenon with the creation of compilation albums that reflected the lesser known (but equally important) aspects of rock and pop superstars. With more than 100 titles available (and many more under way), both on CD and on vinyl, The Many Faces collection showcased a who's who of 20th century popular music. From Hard Rock (Iron Maiden, Deep Purple, Judas Priest, Black Sabbath, AC/DC) to British rock from the 80's (The Cure, The Police, The Smiths), and from R&B (Tina Turner, James Brown) and blues (Eric Clapton, BB King) to electronica (Depeche Mode, Daft Punk, Joy Division), these albums feature collaborations, alternative versions, solo performances, live recordings and tribute versions that the most avid fans are passionate about. Now, with the renewed popularity of vinyl, our acclaimed triple CDs are expanding their reach as limited edition double LPs.



We have created one of the biggest proprietary and independent catalogs of the last 20 years, with thousands of songs that are available in all digital platforms.
Our music accompanies journeys, emotions, challenges, treasured moments, friendly and loving bonds, hours of work and relax. Every day, we offer our followers the perfect song for every moment of their lives.


In the world of digital real estate, MB’s playlists and channels are one it’s most valuable assets. All the hits are here: we create, recommend and store the songs that nobody wants to miss. Our playlists are under verified profiles on the main digital platforms and weekly updated; they are listened to in every corner of the world and shared massively.


COOLTURA, our eBooks publisher, offers a wide variety of titles and authors for everyone’s taste. Our readers enjoy hot topics like Bullying, Bitcoin, Deep Web, along with acclaimed novels from all-time classic authors like Jules Verne, Mark Twain and Fyodor Dostoevski, among others. Our eBooks are sold with great success in the most acclaimed e-stores such as Amazon, Barnes & Nobles and Kobo.


SELECTA is our Native App for iOS and Android VOD (Video On Demand) dedicated exclusively to Classical Music, Opera and Ballet, and its available for all devices: APP for Smart TV, Desktop, Tablet and Smart phones. An in-house team of specialists selects weekly musical events with relevant international value.
In this way, we have consolidated an superb repertoire with the best concerts, artists, conductors and the leading venues around the world. All Selecta content are in high-definition and the best sound quality.


The company established the business a decade ahead the global trend, foreseeing that content would no longer be consumed through traditional channels and would migrate to the Mobile format. Thus, we began to analyze the users’ searches, needs, and the so-called “Mobile moments” to design specific products and experiences for different user segments. The outcome is reflected in a whole range of proposals and hundreds of thousands of clients distributed around Latin America, the United States and Europe.



MB celebrates the talent and creativity of composers that are part of the company, collaborating with their goals, expanding their opportunitie and safeguarding their rights throughout the world. Our wide catalog includes a great diversity of artists, genres and music styles.